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save tsunami affected poor fishermen's family
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Respected sir,
 i am poor indian fishermen my house & fishing material(my fishing boat,nets etc) all are distroyed due to tsunami.i have no father.i want to feed my mother,2brothers&1sister. due to large curreption in our government aids i can not get any help from govt.for last two years.   i read @ this website from local newespapers.
please help me & my family to come out from this poverty due to natural calamity.The total loss i bear was $100,000 & more. Just now our family is homeless.leaving in transit camps.I made this website massage with help of my friend who is having a personal computor at home. please help us & save our poor family.please donate us,this will be the best invstment you have ever made in your life,interest you will get is our blessings which will be taken into consedaration by the allmighty GOD at the timing of final reconing         

       thanking you


Please get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

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